Do you need awesome website customized to your needs?

Are you on a budget and want to get 100% bang for your buck?

Then you are ready for WEBSITE IN A WEEK!

Here’s how your custom website week will play out:

Prior to the website week, you’ll fill out a website questionnaire form that will help Lauren begin to understand what you’re looking for in your design. Then…


  • On Monday morning, you’ll consult with Lauren via phone, email, or Skype about what you want the look of your site to be: colors, menu, layout, background, the works! Then, she’ll get started on your custom theme right away! If necessary, she will also purchase your hosting and begin setup of the site structure online.
  • In the meantime, you’ll compile and send her all of the copy and image content you want for each of your five site pages (of course, you’re welcome to compile this ahead of time). You’ll need to get all of this content to Lauren by the end of business that day.
  • By mid-afternoon, Lauren will have your theme design ready to preview. You’ll review and consult (again via phone, email or Skype) and provided feedback for any changes you want to make. 


  • The next morning, Lauren will have your updated theme (based on your requested changes) ready for previewing.
  • Another round of changes can be made to the theme, if desired.
  • Meanwhile, once the hosting is complete (it can sometimes take 48 hours to install) Lauren will begin to lay the content into the site theme.  

Wednesday & Thursday

  • On Wednesday, your site theme and content will be fully loaded and ready for viewing online.
  • You’ll take time to review the site, allow friends or co-workers to view and provide feedback. 
  • Lauren will make any edits and corrections to both the theme and the content, if needed. 
  • Lauren will help you select up to two (2) images for each site page (you are welcome to provide images you already have on-hand). 
  • You can select three (3) widgets you want in the sidebar for your site and on which pages you want the sidebar displayed. 


  • Final edits will be done by midday.
  • Lauren will setup up to three (3) email addresses for you, if included in your hosting package. 
  • Your site stats will be activated through Jetpack. 
  • Mid-afternoon, Lauren will provide a 30-60 minute tutorial via Skype or phone on how to update your site. 
  • End of business: Your site will be launched and Lauren will send you your final invoice. 

That’s it! One week and your custom-designed website will be launched and ready to go!


What’s Included…

  • Hosting and domain setup (hosting and domain fees extra)
  • Custom-designed WordPress site with:
    • 5 pages of content
    • 3 widgets
    • contact form
    • 1-3 column setup
  • Each page formatted professionally and includes up to 2 images (stock image purchases extra)
  • Unlimited consults with Lauren regarding design, content and any questions you have (9a-5p during the week of your design)
  • Up to three (3) rounds of corrections to both the theme design and the content.
  • A 30-60 minute tutorial on how to make changes and updates to your website.

 What You’ll Need…

  • The filled-out questionnaire sent to Lauren the Friday before.
  • The content for each of the five pages compiled or at least organized so you can get it all to Lauren by EOB on Monday.
  • Your downpayment received before start of work on Monday (PayPal payments preferred but you can mail or drop off a check, too.)
  • The ability to reply to any questions/feedback Lauren has within 1-2 hours of them being given.
  • A great attitude and lots of excitement for the awesome new site you’re going to have!

Add a logo design for just $150 (a $100 savings!)

“Website in a Week” Might Not be Good for:

- Folks who need several days to “sleep on it” or ask 100 of their closest friends for opinions -
- Super intricate design requiring illustration work or Flash -
- Anyone too busy to be available during business hours to providing quick feedback within 1-2 hours. -
- Businesses with lots of decision makers -