Paul Says

2017 - Holy Spirit 3
St. Theresa in heavenSt. Theresa in heaven


    Praying for the Anointing of the Holy Spirit            

Some of you are wondering where I might be going with this.  PAY ATTENTION.

I could write volumes about this subject when it pertains to all of us, but I am going to focus on ONLY TWO people … THE PRESIDENT … and THE POPE.

Now I realize that there are TWO things we should NOT debate … Politics … and Religion.  I want you to know that I am NOT going to give you my opinion, I am only going to make a statement, and I’m going to ask you to give it strong consideration.

Many people have criticized both these men, depending upon what supposed radical changes they are making.  It is NOT my intent to discuss those matters.  What I want you to do is PRAY for them.

How? … For only ONE thing … Pray that the Holy Spirit anoint both of them.  I would like to see them have that power to make decisions based upon what JESUS would like them to do, NOT what they might think is best. That is a tall order, because these two gentlemen have serious responsibilities in guiding us.

So, from now on, focus and pray on the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon them to lead us to Spiritual and Moral Victory.

Amen  .. Amen .. Amen.  GOD bless them both.


                    Pope in Confession



Maybe your are NOT aware of this, but Our Pope goes to Confession, every 15 Days.  So, What’s your PROBLEM?