Paul Rymniak
Center for Peace

Miracle of the Moment

Sometimes you have to be careful what you pray for !!!

This is an unusual story, that I am still in AWE of to this day.

I was at a church in San Antonio that had many families that attended.  I always speak at all the Masses on Saturday and Sunday, and this particular parish had SEVEN Masses over the entire weekend.

At the beginning of the 10:00 a.m. Mass, I noticed a OLDER Gentleman, in his 80′s, standing with his wife in the vestibule.  He was leaning against the wall bracing himself by a bench he was standing beside.  He had a oxygen tube around his face going into his nose, and even with that he was struggling to breathe. He was in extreme distress.

I walked over to him and told him that if he wanted me to, I would pray with him when the Mass was over.  He just nodded YES.

After the Mass was over, and almost all the people left, I walked over the this man, and asked him what he wanted JESUS to do for him.

This was his reply, ” I just want this PAIN in my body to STOP. ”  I asked him how long had he been having the pain and the Respiratory problem.  He told me that he couldn’t even remember the last time he was PAIN free.

His next comment to me was he would like to have ONE complete day, before he DIED, with NO pain at all, and be able to breathe without laboring.

I put my right hand on his chest and said a prayer that included what he had just asked for, and Lo and Behold, his PAIN went away, and he started to began to breathe with NO difficulty at all.  THE MAN ALMOST WENT OUT OF HIS MIND.  He started running around yelling and screaming, JOYOUSLY, and thanking GOD for what he had done for him, at that moment.

He wanted to take me to lunch, but I told him that I had THREE more Masses to speak at, but I appreciated the offer.  THE MAN BOUNCED OUT OF CHURCH.

Here comes the part that I still can’t believe. The next day, which was Monday, I arrived at the church around 6:15 p.m., to get ready for the first evening.

There is the back of the church stood the wife of the man I prayed with the day before.  She looked at me, with tears in her eyes, and said the day before was the first time in almost TEN years that her husband had enjoyed himself the entire time.  She said he ate the biggest meal, with NO side affects, and he even had a Hot Fudge Sunday.  She told me he woke up this morning, and was still ecstatic and continued to run around the house.

She then told me that after lunch, he wanted to go shopping with her, but he was a little tired.  She told him to go take a nap, and they could go later that afternoon.

He sat down in his lounge chair, leaned back and took a deep breathe, relaxed, and DIED. I couldn’t believe my ears, I just stood there and looked at the woman, in silence.

Could this have been a SAD story?  Maybe, to some people, and most of them would say it was probably his time to die, anyway, but all I could think of was how beautiful GOD was to him.  He granted him exactly what he asked for … HE GAVE HIM ONE ENTIRE DAY WITH NO PAIN AND NO DIFFICULTY BREATHING.

So, again, I tell you maybe you should be careful what you PRAY for !!!!!