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2017 - Donna WilliamsTruly … A Marriage Made In Heaven !!!

In this portion of my website, I have always entered stories of Jesus’ healings in various forms.

I have to admit to you this story is unique because it shows the power of GOD even when your not expecting it, and proves that He will lead you to your every want and need, even if it takes time.  Listen to the story:

My name is Donna, and I attended a Healing Mission that Paul Rymniak conducted at our church, several years ago, in Kennewick, Washington.

The first night, I attended the service with a friend of mine, Paul Williams, who I will refer to as ” MY PAUL ” as I continue.  I had only known My Paul for a short time.  That evening Paul spoke about Marriage and couples praying together.  After his talk, he invited people to come forward for prayer, and we did.  We got into the line, and when we finally got to Paul, we only wanted to pray individually, for our own wants and needs, and we did, but now I see how Jesus had other plans.

We returned the second night, and as My Paul and I went forward again for prayer, I stood behind My Paul.  My Paul stood before Paul, and as he did, Paul said, ” You had a woman here with you last night, and I would like to know what was the significance of your relationship, and where is she tonight? “

My Paul shared that we just started dating TWO DAYS AGO, and while all of this was going on I kept poking My Paul in the back trying to get him NOT to give up any more information.

While doing that, all I could think of was 1 Samuel 10: 22/24, where Jesus talks about HIDING, I immediately peeked from behind My Paul and said, ” Here I am. “

Paul said that he would like to pray for us as a couple, and we let him, and at that moment I felt the LORD.  My intent was to pray for other things and NOT what Paul was suggesting.  At this point Jesus knew my heart and knew that what I had been praying for all these years was a perfect mate.

The problem here was My Paul, at the time, was NOT Catholic and was NOT open to having children, so my thinking was .. He was NOT ” the one ” God wanted for me.  Boy was I wrong.

Was my prayer answered?  I can tell you with a resounding ” YES “.  My Paul and I have been married now for FOUR YEARS, and what I thought was NOT an equally yoked relationship, turned out to be GOD ordained.

My Paul, on his own volition, has become Catholic, and not only do I have a wonderful Husband .. but .. God has blessed me with a BEST FRIEND and PRAYER PARTNER. What My Paul and I now pray for is that Jesus bless us with children.

Thank you, Paul Rymniak, for listening to the Lord and pressing forward into doing His Will.  We are forever blessed by your ministry.

Donna and Paul Williams, Kennewick, Washington.