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Miracle of the Moment

Tillie and Joe Baldwin 6Jesus Hears All Prayers !!!

My name is Matilda Baldwin, and I met Paul for the first time 9 years ago.  We took our oldest son, Robert, to see Paul at a church, in New Jersey. Robert had a ” Speech Delay ” condition and was unable to speak for several years.  Paul prayed with him and a very short time later, Robert began to speak.  Robert is now in his teens and is doing well.

Now, to the present.  Several weeks ago, my husband, Joe and I, came back to a church that Paul was at to have him pray with Joe for a Cancer that has developed in his lungs. Prior to this Cancer, Joe was suffering with Esophageal Cancer, and with God, the doctor’s surgery and Paul’s prayer, Joe was healed of this problem.

As I mentioned, we again met Paul several weeks ago, to pray for Joe’s Lung Cancer. When Paul asked if there was anything special that I would like Jesus to do for me, I said, ” NO “.  I simply told him that I wanted Joe to be healed, and with that Paul prayed for Joe’s healing.

What I did NOT mention, while all of this was going on with Joe, I had developed sever allergies, and I was diagnosed with allergies to Gluten, Shrimp and Citrus.  No one knew how bad these ailments were, and I was preparing to go for major testing to outline the severity of my condition.  Truly, my life had become miserable.  My food had to be all natural and cooked away from any type of gluten products.  I was experiencing sever headaches, hives, mood swings and stomach and bowel problems.  I can’t even explain how bad all of this was for me to endure.

During that meeting, at the chapel, we invited Paul to come to our Campsite, we own, to do a service.  Paul did come.  Paul prayed with me and Joe first, before everyone else.  Again, he asked me what I want from Jesus, and my answer was still ONLY for Joe to be healed, but Paul did include me in that prayer for all my wants and needs.

Several days after that, we went to a wedding, out of state, and by Tuesday of that week, I realized that I had VIOLATED my diet many times, and I was NOT experiencing any SIDE EFFECTS.  All my ailments DISAPPEARED.  It was then, that I realized that GOD had healed me without me even asking for my own wants and needs, because I was ONLY verbal about Joe’s condition.

I thank GOD for listening to my prayers and interceding for our requests, at that Friday night service Paul conducted.  We have invited Paul back next summer to do a more extensive Healing Service, and I can’t wait to be able to give the BEST Praise Report and Testimony about Joe’s total healing.

I give Praise, Honor and Glory to Jesus Christ.

Matilda Baldwin