Paul Rymniak
Center for Peace

Miracle of the Moment

2018 - Wally 3Ask and it shall be Given !!!

For many years, I have suffered with Bursitis in both of my hips, and after having shots in both hips many times, I was beginning to think that I was out of options, from relief from that PAIN.

Later on I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, in my left hip and femur, and I was told that this would eventually progress to my right hip and femur.

We had heard that Paul was going to be at St. Joseph’s Church, in Bryan, Texas, so we made the TWO hour drive from our house in Houston to go see him.

As I approached Paul in the Prayer Line, he ask me, ” What do you want Jesus to do for you? “

I simply said, ” I want Jesus to heal my bursitis and osteoporosis so I could walk without any pain. ”  Paul placed his hands on me, and I could feel the heat coming from them, and almost immediately, the pain was GONE.  This happened last year, and to this day I have been free of all that pain.

The beautiful thing about what Jesus did has a profound impact on what I do.  I volunteer at MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, and during the time I spend doing that, I walk anywhere from FOUR to FIVE miles, and climb up and down about ONE HUNDRED steps, and I do this every Tuesday and Thursday, and again, your guessed it … NO PAIN.

I give thanks to Jesus for HEALING me, and I thank Paul for the ministry he has been given, and his concern for Our Lords people !!!!!