Paul Rymniak
Center for Peace


RymniakHello, my name is Paul Rymniak I want you to be aware that:

I am NOT a Priest.

I am NOT a Deacon.

I am NOT even a Eucharistic Minister.

I just want you to understand that I am just a common, ordinary person much like yourself.

I have NO gifts.

I have NO special powers


I have no SPECIAL PIPELINE TO GOD that gets my prayers there faster than yours.

I even get into heated discussions with charismatic people and even clergy, who tell me I shouldn’t say things like that.


But you see, I don’t feel these things, because if you knew me when I was a younger man, you would understand, because my life was so BAD. I most ashamedly admit to all of you that I broke every commandment: all TEN of them. Should I be asking any of you to continue reading or examining this web page?    By most people’s standards, NO.

But I feel that I am a walking testimony to the fact that, not only is there a Jesus that FORGIVES, but if you take this one step further into the beauty of my Catholic Faith and the Sacrament of Reconciliation… if you go into the Confessional with a REPENTANT heart (and that’s the secret) as soon as the priest says, “I absolve you of your sins,” not only does Jesus forgive, but He FORGETS what you’ve done.

And, if he didn’t do that, I couldn’t do, what it is that I do.