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Welcome to the Center for Peace .

I could write for hours about the things that I see Jesus do in the Healing services that I conduct…the eye-sights coming back, hearing restored, people getting up out of wheelchairs, people writing me months later telling me that after our prayers together, their Cancers, or a host of other diseases, have been cured, and the list goes on, and on and on, but that is NOT the only Healing that can be obtained, from Christ. Some of you, right now, might be burdened with a multitude of other things. Are you about to lose your HOUSE or CAR, are you having FINANCIAL difficulties? Is your MARRIAGE in trouble? Have you experienced loss by death or divorce? Do your KIDS not go to church? Are your grandchildren not baptized?   Or is life just dealing you CRUEL blows, and maybe so bad that you cry yourself to sleep at night? These are the things that Jesus wants to help you with, also.

Healing can come on four main levels:



Which area are you seeking help in? I guess, I am trying to convey to you that this is between you and Our Lord. I want you to experience JESUS in all ways. I DO NOT want you to remember Paul Rymniak, the messenger. I want you to remember the messages that you find with Christ. It is NOT important who tells you about Jesus, it only matters that you get to know HIM on a personal level, and that is all I try to accomplish in my ministry. I have a sense of honor that you have visited this web page and I hope that you will enjoy it. If you want to contact us or leave a prayer request, you can do so by going to those appropriate pages. My only request of you is that you will keep me in your prayers.